St. Pete’s Beach, Florida

My wife and I went to Florida toward the end of July last year, probably about the thirtieth time we’ve been in our forty plus years of marriage.  We went to our favorite spot in Florida, St. Pete’s Beach.

Our daughter’s family with the two youngest grandkids didn’t go this time because they opted for Destin, Florida during spring break.  As we had already planned a trip to Louisville, Kentucky with friends (and as Destin is one of my least favorite Florida spots) we didn’t go on that trip.

On this trip it was my wife and I, our son and his wife, and our four year old grandson.  I took quite a few family pictures but I’m sparing you those and just posting non-family photos.


Not much to say about these photos so I’ll just shut up.







Thanks for stopping by.


The first photo in this post was taken with a Samsung Galaxy phone and all others with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikkor 74-85mm zoom lens.

8 thoughts on “St. Pete’s Beach, Florida

        • I have the original jpg out of camera and the processed tif files so if I want to do anything with the photo I don’t have to re-process anything. I run batches of 50 to 150+ files to resize and watermark for uploading to use in the blog. I do a very quick count and review of the files to make sure everything got processed but I don’t check to see how the watermark looks; it would be too time consuming to check and individually redo.


    • We love the fact that despite quite a bit of commercialization since our first trip in 1972 there a still some “mom and pop” shops, restaurants, and lodging. Also it’s not just vacationers and snowbirds, we get to speak with locals quite often, especially at the restaurants.


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