Took a Walk, Took Some Pictures

  • These are the “Some Pictures” I took from when I “Took a Walk”.
  • Normally I’d show them in the order taken but I tried and that was too boring.
  • The order presented here is less boring, but the comments are more boring than showing the pictures in the order taken.

There is really no need for the bullet points but I spent the last eight years or so of my forty years of corporate life putting together PowerPoint presentations for senior management and government regulators.  In addition to pretty graphs and charts, wording had to be in bullet points because their attention spans usually kept them from being able to pull information out of a paragraph.  Just for old times sake I thought I’d throw in some bullet points here.  There’s no place else where I do any writing that would give me the opportunity to do it … so you guys lucked out.


Below is a cosmos.


Below is a group of rudbeckias.


Below is a lily.  I often ramble and digress a bit.  Today I’m trying to be brief and to the point.  I hope it’s noticed and it’s appreciated.


Look!  Another cosmos.


Oh!  And another rudbeckia.


WHAT?!  Two more lilies?!



The final rudbeckia and the final picture.


Thank you for stopping to look at the pictures I took when I took a walk.


All photo pictures were taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

8 thoughts on “Took a Walk, Took Some Pictures

    • Thanks John. Yes it is a good lens and a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Nikkor equivalent when bought on sale. All the reviews had the two lenses pretty close in evaluations for what I wanted. I always lust for Nikkor lenses but I’m not at all sorry that I chose this Sigma. Whatever lens you used for those recently posted black hawk photos sure displays a nice combination of sharpness, contrast, and color rendition.


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