Where is Orange Beach, Alabama October 2016 – Part 2

I don’t know what is going on with WordPress but they kind of messed up my post today.  I published it at 7:54 AM and got an email notification (I follow myself just to verify that a notification goes out).  I didn’t see it in the WP reader though and it’s thumbnail showed up in the wrong spot on my home page.

I went to the dashboard and discovered that it showed the 7:54 AM posting time but had a date of June 13 which is three days before my last post.  I corrected the publish date and hit update.  That caused the thumbnail to move to the first position on my home page as it should, but still did not see it in WP reader.

I then scrolled through the reader and found it in with June 13 postings that I follow and it still showed a June 13 posting date even though the dashboard shows the update I made.  Maybe it will eventually show up in the reader under the correct date.

Right now I’m blaming this all on WordPress because I want follow what seems to be the popular trend in this country and be the victim and not the casue.  If I really want to follow current trends I would also (without contacting WordPress support) mercilessly, in the harshest terms possible, blast WordPress on every social media platform I could for this humongous screw-up that is going to adversely affect my day if not my life.

Hopefully the sarcasm was strong enough in the above to be recognized as such.

I really don’t know what happened, it could very possibly be user error (i. e., I may have done something dumb) and unless it happens again I’m not going to worry about contacting WP support.

So if you are looking for today’s post  titled Orange Beach, Alabama October 2016 – Part 2 you can scroll down to the June 13, 2016 section of your reader or go to this link:  Orange Beach – Part 2.

I hope you are able to get to it because, even if I say so myself, these are some of the most amazing photographs you will ever see.  They’ll make you cry, they’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you glad you got up today, and put you edge waiting for what will come next Tuesday.  Note, the preceding statement has not been checked for veracity nor authenticity.  If you easily become emotional, are subject to heart palpitations or are allergic to BS you should immediately disregard everything you have read here and avoid reading Orange Beach, Alabama October 2016 – Part 2.  If after reading all of this you have laughter, crying (including weeping), hives, or palpitations lasting more than 4 hours, please let me know.  I’m curious about things like that.



4 thoughts on “Where is Orange Beach, Alabama October 2016 – Part 2

  1. Assuming I could easily escape the warp at will, I don’t think I would mind it unless I discovered some ugly truth that would upset and possibly scar my psyche – like Elvis is really dead.

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  2. When I messed something up I do like to pick on WordPress now and then, but Google is my favorite punching bag! I know if I for some reason open a post a day or so before posting, that is the date it’s stuck with, regardless of when I post it.

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    • I’m glad you’re using google as a punching bag because they irritate me about as much as Facebook with their constant gnawing at you to give them every piece of information about you that you can and to never leave one of their sites you’ve signed into. They truly are like leeches but there are some aspects about some of their products I like very much (not to mention that despite their tremendous overhead costs they are free) so I put up with having to pick them off me all the time, so to speak.

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