Remember last week when I said I think I have a problem with regard to all my ant and aphid photos and that I was probably a hoarder?  Here’s some more photos showing my addiction.



At least some change in the subject with red ants instead of the black ones.

Above photo taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7


This is a crab spider and I’m always quick to point out it is not to be confused with a spider crab – something altogether different.  I know the difference between the two and never get then confused; however, at times I have typed and said spider crab when I know I meant crab spider.  I often get my words turned around like that.  I’ve never been tested but I swear to dog that I have at least  a little bit of dyslexia in me.


I think some sort of orb spider.


Cosmos nearing a flat line state.  I’ve always thought of eastern Colorado and western Kansas as flat line states.


I’m thinking this is a black swallowtail.  And if I’m right about that I’m going to guess a female because of all the blue.  Males have a smaller amount of blue back there but without a male and female next to each other it’s hard for me to tell, especially since I don’t have a good dorsal view.




Thank you for stopping by.


All photos, except the one noted, taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

Oh yah,

Happy Spring!!!

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    • Thanks Maverick, a slideshow sounds like a good idea. I haven’t got a picture in my mind yet of how it would flow but for sure the soundtrack would be all “Lovin Spoonful” songs.

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