Bugs & Flowers

I find flies to be pretty disgusting but, along with bees and ants, they are probably among the easiest insects to photograph so when given a chance I’ll click away.

The one below is a flesh fly.  Unlike most flies, flesh flies deposit maggots or hatching maggots on dead animals, decaying vegetation, and even in open wounds on animals while other flies deposit eggs – hence the reason why I find flies disgusting.


I just loved the ants and aphids on my cosmos flower stems.  They, the ants and aphids, were so interesting.  On some flower stems it was black ants with red ants on other flowers, but the flowers were always cosmoses.


Unfortunately, when it comes to ants and aphids photos I seem to be a hoarder.  I need to let some go.  And stop taking the photos.




Honeysuckle buds


Honeysuckle flowers

Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

4 thoughts on “Bugs & Flowers

    • They do like hanging out together. It’s a symbiotic relationship with ants getting honeydew (basically a sugar) from the aphids and the aphids getting protection from predators from the ants. Ants have even gone so far as to destroy preditor’s eggs and take aphid eggs into the ant’s nest for protection during the winter. Nature is amazing.


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