Still in the Butterfly Garden

Here are more photos from the butterfly garden.  You may not have picked up on the irony in last week’s post, and it is here again, so I will point it out.  There are a total of eleven photos from last week’s and this week’s photos from the butterfly garden.  While several insects are shown, not one of the photos from the butterfly garden actually had a buttefly in it.  Oh well, enjoy the buterfly free photos that follow.


I’m not positive but I think this is the same tarneished plant bug from last week.


Mushrooms in the garden’s mulch pathways.


A nice plump rudbeckia.


Probably the same daylily as last week’s but I’m a tiny bit farther away and I’ve darkened the petals a bit for the yellow insides to pop more.


A study in green.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

4 thoughts on “Still in the Butterfly Garden

    • Good question. Flash usually gives me a dark if not outright black background for macros, even in daylight. I went back and checked the EXIF for all the photos; flash was used for all of them except for the daylily. That kind of surprised me as it looks to me like flach was used.

      These photos are at a point in time when I started maniplutating dark and light more in post processing using curves and levels adjustments and a tool similar to the standard doge and burn brushes.


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