Flowers From the Butterfly Garden

There is a small park about a mile from my house.  A small section on the upper northern edge of th park is desginated as a butterfly garden.  The butterfly garden is maintained by one of the communities’ garden club.  Following are some shots from the butterly garden.


Hoverfly on what I think is some sort of rudbeckia.


Purple coneflower.  Despite the name I’ve seen very few of these that are actually a true purple color.


Tarnished plant bug.  He kind of reminds me of me trying to wade throught knee-deep snow.


I’m not positive but I think this is a European paper wasp.  It’s clinging to a purple coneflower.


Redish daylily, my favorite color for daiylily photography; however, I do prefer a much darker red – more of a maroon.  That makes for a better contrast with the yellow on the inside of the petals.


I started to photograph this stalk of grass seed and, to my great surprise, she asked me to wait and then took off.  A few seconds later (and to my even greter surprise) she came back with a miniature rudbeckia bow around her neck.  She was now ready for her close up.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigme 105mm macro lens.

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