Birds VII (Sharing the Birdbath)

Just a simple post of three bird species sharing my backyard birdbath.  In order of appearance, the birds are:  a robin, a northern flicker, a Eurasian tree sparrow, and another robin.  Unlike prior posts, there is no drama among these birds.




And here they are, all together, sharing the space, and the water.


Thank you for visiting my blog.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikkor 80-400mm telephoto lens.

7 thoughts on “Birds VII (Sharing the Birdbath)

    • Most birds gather water in their bill and then tilt their head back to swallow. Pigeons and doves can suck up water using their tongues. Some birds get water by flying through the rain with their bills open and others can get water by swooping low over a lake or pond and opening their bill to scoop the water in.

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  1. You are getting really good at wild-life photography. I got to start calling you the bird man or Missouri. Great job, and it takes a lot of patience, which I don’t have.

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  2. I like the group shots. Nice to see a variety of species together. Your bird bath gets a nice selection of birds. If you get to doing much bird watching, it is a real thrill to see a newcomer that don’t come often or, better yet, one you have never seen before.

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    • Thanks John. I am getting a bit tired of the same birds ( or species – not sure if the actual birds are the same) all the time. The northern flicker was a nice change up. I’ve seen them around the neighborhood, but I think this was the first time at the bird bath.


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