Back to Normal?

To answer the question in the title:  no.  But, I am working on trying to get back to normal (or at least the new normal).  I have a lot to say about my “adventures” since February 7, but I’m still working on that.  Similar to what led of to February 7, a lot has gone on and my brain is a little muddled trying to concentrate on getting in all written down.

In the meantime, how about something normal, like photos from my garden.


Cosmos in full bloom.


Cosmos after full bloom.


One of my favorite insects is what I call the puppy dog of butterflies – the skipper as seen on this cosmos.


The next three photos are skippers on New England asters.  NE asters were a new addition to may garden and boy did I make a mistake.  Note to self:  do a little more research before making next plant/seed purchase.

I thought NE asters would be just a normal flower plant.  You know a single stalk that may or may not branch out near the top with its flowers.  I don’t know if an aster is a bush, but mine sure look more like a large bushes than flower plants like a cosmos, or zinia, or shasta daisy, etc.

I bought four NE asters by mail order.  I put three in my garden and one by my butterfly bush at the back of the yard, near the fence line.   The asters quickly took over sections of my little garden, due to my ignorance of the plant.  This year I will be taking them out and looking for a good home for them.




Thank you for stopping by, especially those of you who have come back after my too long of an absence.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

20 thoughts on “Back to Normal?

  1. Nice to see your post, David. Love those butterflies! Skippers are fun little garden visitors. Asters are very attractive to pollinators. You could keep them shorter by pruning the tops when they reach 12″ then again at 18″, which will keep them shorter. I use my electric hedge clipper and it is a breeze to do, takes mere seconds.
    Hope you are well on the path to recovery, blessings.

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