Just Some Shots from the Backyard

Early one evening a few days after the shoot with the goldfinch, I had a urge to take some photos.  It was around 6:00PM and I went to the basement and got my camera, then went out into the back yard.  I still had the monster 80-400mm telephoto zoom on the camera and opted to keep it on.  Basically I was just to lazy too switch out with another lens and I really had nothing in mind for a subject.

I sat on the back steps for a bit hoping birds would show up at the birdbath but none did.  Being impatient and having an itchy trigger finger I got up and started walking around looking for something in my backyard.  It’s a small yard so the 80-400mm was overkill, but I did find some things.


The outer fringe of my rudbeckia forest.


More of the forest.


Basement window and flower pots.  To me this has a still life vibe to it.  But can large objects be used to create a still life composition?  That question just generated another thought/question that has been on my mind.

I forget where, but I ran across this thought:  can you shout the word “whisper”?  I would think you can; I haven’t tried, but running it through in my mind it seems difficult.  But then again it begs the question would there ever be a need to shout “whisper”?


Emerging purple coneflowers peering over the edge of the birdbath.  They remind me of ostriches or llamas popping their heads up for a look at me.


More of the rudbeckia jungle.


A rudbeckia bloom isolated (photographically speaking) from the jungle.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikkor 80-400mm telephoto lens.

8 thoughts on “Just Some Shots from the Backyard

    • I have been using my big tele a lot lately because it helps to get me out of the rut of my normal macro flowers/insects. Problem is I’m so used to getting up close to a flower that I have to learn to back off with the tele. I keep wondering why the camera won’t take focus and then remember that, even at three feet, I’m much too close. 🙂

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  1. Hi David! I’ve been out of action for so long now, but have been enjoying your super photos – particularly the lovely depth of field you achieve to show off your lovely flowers. Always enjoy your sense of humour too …. wishing you lots of future inspiration , Eileen 😎🌻🌸🌼

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    • Thank you for the kind comments Eileen. It’s great to hear from you and it makes me super happy that you, and others, get some enjoyment from my posts.


    • Thanks Snow. I’m glad they looked animate to you. What I really want to do with that photo, but I just don’t have the time, is to create a bunch of photos from the one in which I vary the length of the stems so they keep getting shorter and shorter, then clone them out of the photo altogether. I would then put the photos in my video editor and have the photos fade from one to the other so it looks as if they are ducking down behind the bird bath. I’d then copy the photos and have that second set right after the first, but in reverse order, so it looks as if they are coming back up. I would repeat the whole process several times so it looked as though they are going up and down. Maybe some day – ha. 🙂

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