The Cowboy

This cowboy seems to be always leaning against the same tree in a yard a few blocks from our house.

There is a story going around the neighborhood that his faithful companion dog of 18 years (a German shepherd) died earlier this year.  The cowboy didn’t get a new dog right away; in fact, it wasn’t until a week or so ago that neighbors saw him with a new dog; a dachshund (also known as a wiener dog).

A friend and neighbor asked him why, after so many years with a big dog, did he get a wiener dog?  The cowboy looked his friend strait in the eye, paused for a moment, and then said:  “I just wanted to get a long little doggie”.


For readers not that familiar with American culture, especially cowboy songs, this post based on a pun, may not mean much to you.  Hopefully you at least enjoyed the photo.  And yes it was shot with a Nikon D7100 and the 105mm Sigma macro lens, just not in macro mode.

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