Last of the Preying Mantis Shots

Before I started working on this post I took a look at the prior mantis posts to make sure I didn’t duplicate anything.  While going through the first mantis post I thought I’d take another look at my mantis video.  I clicked on the link I had to a video of the very first preying mantis I ever photographed.  For some reason the link didn’t work so I deleted it and recreated it.  I decided to put it here too in case it didn’t work for you when you looked at the post.  Here is the link:  Preying Mantis Video.


“So, as David’s title says these are the last photos of me.  During the all those days of his photo shoots I did my best to twist and turn, openly eat lunch, and stare into the lens of his camera to give him the best shots I could, just like these shots below.”





“Why are these the last shots you ask?  The thing is, my life expectancy is only three or four months and I’d been around a few before I landed in David’s garden.  As they say, do the math … .  But it’s been a good run and I’m happy I got to spend the last part of it among all the beautiful, orange sulphur cosmos.


One late morning I walked out to the garden to check on the mantis but I couldn’t find him.  But I did find these and couldn’t imagine what was going on.  Then it hit me.  Poor thing didn’t stand a chance against the huge, powerful, lightning fast snap of its claws.


“He, he, he … and just when you were starting to feel a little sorry for me and my short life span.


As always, thank you very much for taking the time to looks at my blog.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

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