It’s the Praying Mantis Again




“Hello, it’s me again.”


“Here’s a closeup of my pretty face.”


“Remember the spotted cucumber beetle on the edge of a leaf that David showed you last week?”


“I’m hoping you weren’t too fond of him.”  “I mean the beetle, not David”.


“I have some preening to do.”


“Oooo!”  “My lucky day; a skipper for dessert.”


“That means I have to do more preening, but it was worth it.”


“There, it looks like I got it all.”


“I hope I’ll get to see you again soon.”


Thank you for stopping and checking out my photos.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

15 thoughts on “It’s the Praying Mantis Again

    • Thank you Eliza. When I heard the snap of his claw behind me and then realized what it was I was kind of spooked. Can you image if he/she was the size of a lion, or worse, a hippo. But that thought crosses my mind with regard to a lot of insects, what if they were the size of medium to large mammals.


  1. Great, fun post, David! Fantastic close-ups. The first two with the eyes are quite mesmerizing…..getting me under their spell…..hehe The face looks like it has gold, silver and mother of pearl eyes. Very cool shots, I’m with you and Eliza, glad they are small in size, they are a bit prehistoric looking.

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