Photos From My Garden #8

I’m continuing on with the series of Photos From My Garden.  All photos in the series were taken during a shooting frenzy over a few days.


This post consists of pairs of photos were both have the same subject.  Let’s start with a pair of photos of a skipper butterfly on a purple coneflower.



A pair of monarch caterpillars on a swamp milkweed plant.



As was the case with the mushroom last week, the mushroom in this pair of photos is not actually in my garden.  It is growing on my lawn.



This last photo of an unknown bird feather is at odds with both conventions the set up for this post :  it is neither in my garden nor is it accompanied by another photo of the same subject thus creating a pair as specified at the top of this post.

If I were Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), I would be compelled to send myself a strongly worded email protesting the inclusion of this photo in a blog post that promised pairs; however, this is my blog so I can do what I want.  Also, I did not sign the blogger/reader agreement he sent me so I’m off the hook there.


Thanks for visiting my blog.


All photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

9 thoughts on “Photos From My Garden #8

  1. Ahh, you tricked us! Saving the best for last. That mystery bird really breaks the mold. I find its plumage so intriguing. It makes me think of a very fancy pencil case.

    Here’s to breaking rules more often.


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