Photos From My Garden #6

Last week I said that the Photos From My Garden #5 post was … “the last past in this series From My Garden.”  I was wrong.  I now see that I still have quite a few photos left.  I am so embarrassed to have reported fake news like that.  Anyway, let’s get one with more photos from my garden.


These first three photos are of a pair of skippers on a purple cornflower.  As I’ve noted in the past, late summer seems to bring on more sharing of flowers by various pollinators.  I’ve seen as many as four insects on a flower in late August or early September and multiple species on the same flower.




This is the backend of a skipper.  Normally I wouldn’t keep a photo like this but I made an exception this time.  Why an exception this time?  Three reasons:  (1)  I really like the skinny silhouette of the skipper, (2)  I like the way the skepper is holding on to the torn flower petal on the left, and (3) ,and most importantly, I like the little pink and white hand and arm on the right waving “hi” to me.


The next two photos are a couple of orange sulphurs.



A monarch caterpillar getting ready for the chrysalis (cocoon) stage of its lifecycle.  It has attached itself to my fencing to keep out the rabbits.


I checked on it two days later at it was sting hanging in there and I spotted this ladybug larva on one of the orange sulphur blossoms.


The next time I checked on the monarch caterpillar things were not good.  It appeared to have a puncture wound dripping body fluids.  Maybe a young bird not familiar with monarchs took a stab at it, discovered the bad  taste, and let it as is.  Such are the ways of nature.


This cosmos is not looking that good either.


Let’s have a happy ending enjoying a striking monarch caterpillar mixed in with some colorful swamp milkweed leaves.


Thank you for stopping by.



All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

11 thoughts on “Photos From My Garden #6

  1. Sad to see the demise of the caterpillar, but as you said, this is life, not always pretty. The ‘J’ shot was cool, framed in wire, but I guess it should have chosen a more leafy abode to metamorphize.
    I really liked the tail-end skipper photo, as it is unusual and interesting POV, as well as the others, skippers are delightful.

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  2. I’m glad you’re making friends, David. Not even skippers can resist saying hi to you.

    I am very much mesmerized by that caterpillar – I loved the first shot, how you framed the caterpillar within a hexagon-like shape. Which made me all the more gut-wrenched when I saw what followed… Nature is cruel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes Nature is cruel when viewed from our anthropomorphic perspective. I’m surprised by how often I am reminded of this fact in my tiny little garden comprised of nothing but plants and insects.


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