Still at the Missouri Botanical Garden

A few more shots from the Missouri Botanical before I move on to one of its sister sites, the Butterfly House and gardens at St. Louis County’s Faust Park.


As I wrote this I was viewing the photo below in the WordPress Editor on my desktop and the photo looked so washed out that I was going to delete it.  I first decided to view it in Preview mode and it looked much better so it’s still here.  Why it looks so bad in the editor I’m not sure but I do know that all the white surrounding the photo does not complement it in anyway.  That’s one thing I don’t like about the WordPress Reader, all the white surrounding my photos.  I think they look much better on my actual WP web site because of the black background.  Looking at them on a phone in WP Read is a little better than on a desktop PC because the surrounding white is minimized a little.


The kids love this when they come to it in the garden because they can climb on the sheep and “ride” them.  The fact that they are different sizes lets both big and little kids get on.  We went early on a school day so there weren’t a bunch of moms up front with their smart phones taking pictures of a dozen kids.


Looks like a zinnia to me.


The sign said these are ornamental peppers and also gave a couple of Latin names for them.  I didn’t try to remember those names.


Another or maybe the same zinnia this time with a nice, ribbed leaf background.


Don’t miss the dragon fly:  third water lily from the left.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

11 thoughts on “Still at the Missouri Botanical Garden

    • Thank you John. I got used to looking at images with a black background years ago when I edited my home VHS videos and then moved on to video slide shows. The software I used had a black interface. One other editor I had tried had a gray interface and I notice that I thought the black was more flattering to the videos and images.

      I used to upgrade with every new edition but in later years I switched to upgrading just every two years. One upgrade came out with a major overhaul. All the square and oblong shapes for buttons and stuff no longer had right angles, everything was rounded. I noticed other video and photo software companies were doing the same thing and they were all (including the maker of my software) also moving from the black interface to gray.

      Well I got all up in arms was was going to let them know what exactly I thought about the change from black to gray. Fortunately, before I did, I discovered that you could choose between black and gray in the Settings. 🙂 I was back to being a happy camper even if all the angles had been rounded. 🙂


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