Life Cycle

The first five photos are not all the same cosmos in various stages of its life cycle, rather they are five different cosmoses in various stages of the life cycle.


Large cosmos bud with bloom starting to pop out.


Halfway into full bloom.  Maybe there is some development problem in part of the flower.


Looks like the bloom is off the rose or, in this case, off the cosmos.


Losing ground fast.


Looks like it’s all over before.


Nature does not play favorites.  Flowers are not the only things that lose their color, wither, and die.  Like The Byrds sang (misquoting the Bible a little, …”to everything there is a season.”


Okay, the title is Life Cycle but I didn’t show the end of season seeding nor the spring sprout.  I also did not show an intermediate stage between sprout and bud.  If it would make you feel better I could go back and change the title to Life Path, Short of Complete Cycle, but that just seems a little awkward.


Thank you for checking out this post and I hope you enjoyed it.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

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