Mostly Flowers

Yep, this is a post with mostly flowers.  Not much else to say by way of introduction.


I don’t what type of zinnia this is but I call them ball zinnias because they look like petal covered balls.  They are my least favorite zinnias because, well I find their shape a little boring.  Why, I don’t know, I guess there’s just nothing to grab my eye.  One might see beauty in their symmetry (and I usually find symmetry to be very appealing) but just not in this case.  The colors are nice though in this one.


Cosmos buds; less color than above but with more interesting shapes than just a ball.  This photo is one reason why the title to the post reads Mostly Flowers.  These are flower buds vs. flowers.  Don’t want to mislead people with my titles.





Here’s the primary reason why the post’s title says Mostly Flowers.   Irregular shapes, irregular lines (yet somewhat symmetrical), a lighter green fringing the edges, and a pop of red in in the green all help to make this leaf as interesting (at least to me) as any flower.


If you’ve followed me for awhile you’re probably tired of me saying the thing I like most about zinnias is their Art Deco look as they are budding.



Some sort of rudbeckia.  Just a classic flower look.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

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