A Phew Phall Fotos

Spring is just eight days away and here I am showing some fall photos.  Oh well … these were taken late in the season after most of the color in the trees had faded to shades of tan and brown, that is in the trees that still had leaves.




I have photographed this plant many times over the years (not this exact one but different ones of this species) and finally, a couple of weeks ago, I looked up its name.  As I recall there was something about the name that made me think I wouldn’t forget it.  Getting old is a B!+@h.  Now I’m forgetting how forgetful I am.  I don’t think this plant is a forget me not, I would might have remembered that.




I have a reference book titled Trees of the Midwest and according the book this is a Missouri Bird Head tree.




Thanks for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikkor 80-400mm telephoto zoom.


I am going to be taking a few weeks off to catch up on a lot photo/video processing and straitening out the organization of my files.  Somehow I’ve let things get even more out of control than usual with regard to processing and it really bothers me.  I’ve got gobs of phone pictures and videos of the grandkids that need to be taken care of and since everything is so unorganized it will take a while to do this.  The video stuff really eats up the time because I have so many short files that need to be combined, titles added, and bits and pieces that need to be cut down and transitions added.  Then after doing all that work I have to render the new video file.

I also have just under a gazillion files that I need to review and cull.  I have too many similar photos.  I know I’ve said this before but there really is no reason to save five photos of the same subject.  (Sometimes I wish it were just five!)  The fact that they were taken as much as ten seconds apart does not constitute a significant difference justifying keeping all five.  Just thinking about all I need to do as I write this gives me the heebee jeebees.

And interrupting all this work is the fact that I’ll be out of town for a week on a road trip to Texas … giddy-up.

7 thoughts on “A Phew Phall Fotos

  1. Very nice captures, David. I wonder if we have the Bird Head tree in Maryland? Goodness, I’m like you, so damn far behind on photos. Have fun with your files, it’s always a thrill when you come across a stunner shot you missed or forgot about, grandkids included! Hee Haw, Ride ‘Em, Cowboy! Just don’t get thrown!

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  2. Perhaps I’ve been staring too much at Japanese prints lately, but the first two pictures look distinctly Japanese to me! Especially the bridge. [dreamy sigh]

    Oh, and speaking of the Japanese, may their efficiency shine upon thee, and your to-do list magically disappear. I started getting stressed out just by reading it.

    Have the cherry trees blossomed?

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    • The out of camera photo for the bridge was pretty drab. It’s a very uninspiring utilitarian wood and metal bridge over the road that leads into the conservation area. My angle for composition and the approx. 35mm angle of the lens made the bridge have a larger arc than it actually does. I think that helps give it a Japanese garden feel.

      What the camera saw on the other side was mostly bare limbs with a scattering of dead curled up leaves. Not a pretty or even interesting fall sight at all. I was going to delete the photo because I had already spent to much time trying to make something of it. Then I decided to tint the both sides of the bridge a fairly transparent green with a touch of color at the top center. It’s certainly not one of my best but I’m happy I turned a loser into something acceptable.

      Except for today and yesterday it has been too nasty to go out anywhere for the past 45 days or so. I don’t really know what is going on in nature around me. But, to paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, I’m sure it’s cherry blossom time somewhere. 🙂

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