Similar But Different

In April last year I had a post titled Creature in the Forest.  Today’s post is similar but different; it has more of a desert vibe than forest.  Photos in the first post were shot in the green lushness of a tangle of cosmos stems and leaves around my bird bath.  The photos in this post were shot in a crowded jumbo of various types of yellow, flowering rudbeckia in my garden.  The mantis in my Creature in the Forest post was green and the one in this post is brown.  I far as I can tell from my research they are not the same.  They are not like crab spiders and change their body color to match their surroundings; however, it has been observed that after molting their coloring does sometimes change very slightly.

In my first post I noted that one interesting thing about mantises is that they are the only insect that can turn their head side to side.  It is really strange to be looking at one that is looking off to the side then, when you make a noise, it turns it head and looks at you.  Very creepy.








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All photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

7 thoughts on “Similar But Different

    • Thanks Michael, they are pretty amazing insects that come by their name legitimately. I read once that they have been known to bring down a humming bird. A first glance I thought this one was a walking stick because it was brown. I’ve only seen one walking stick in my adult years, about seven years ago. It was in an Eastern red bud tree bordering my patio. I ran for may camera and when I got back it was gone. Then again maybe it wasn’t gone, maybe I just couldn’t see it; their camouflage is very good. 🙂

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      • There’s another one you’ve got me on! Not sure I’ve ever seen a walking stick, or any kind of stick insect, outside of a butterfly house exhibit. I think they do have them in the eastern part of Massachusetts but not in the odd little valley in western Mass that I call home. Well, at least to my knowledge.

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