An Abundance of Photos of Autumn’s Abundance









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P.S.  I really miss summer and if you don’t get the duck, duck, goose; see this.

All photos (except for the two ducks) were taken with a reasonably intelligent phone – the Samsung Galaxy S6.  The duck photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 and probably a Nikkor 80-400mm telephoto zoom lens.

9 thoughts on “An Abundance of Photos of Autumn’s Abundance

  1. Omg! I have never seen a green goose before. 😉
    Nor had I seen a pumpkin with acne issues (last but one photo of the pumpkins, right corner) so… Did you learn to speak duck? Or goose?


    • I thought the pumpkin you mentioned was suffering from a severe case of warts. Perhaps a female pumpkin who saw a frog and overdid it trying for her prince. With regard to language I’m afraid I am still monolingual, unless of course you count Pig Latin.


      • Haha, yeah, they do look more like warts than acne. I thought the female pumpkin saw a green goose. 😉 Maybe you should try learning pumpkinish. There is a language by that name, right? 😉

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  2. How can you miss summer with all those pumpkins piling up?! It makes me so happy just looking at them. And I had no idea you took photos with your phone too. Hmm, so next time I take a crappy shot I won’t be able to blame my phone…

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    • Pumpkins, gourds and 50 degree weather will never substitute for sunshine, warmth, a pool or beach, and a chaise lounge. Plus, in the summer I can go weeks without having to wear a pair of socks. I hadn’t planned on taking any photos at this pumpkin patch and I try to avoid using the phone because it’s a processing hassle (getting the files in the computer and processing jpegs instead of raw) but sometimes I just have to take pictures. Fortunately (?) I’ve never been a loss to come up with an excuse that switches the blame for a crappy shot from me to some uncontrollable external factor or force.

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