Wrong Publish Date … Again

WordPress has published my latest post with the wrong date.  It was published this morning (Aug 14, 2018) but they put a Aug 12 publish date on it so that it shows up in the WP Reader as 2 days ago.  I corrected the publish date in the editor but all that does is change the date on the website page; not the internal publish date WP uses for queueing it in the reader.  That can’t be changed by the user,which makes sense.  Publishing the wrong date does not.  🙂


You can scroll down to posts on Aug 14 in the reader if you don’t get email notifications.

The title is Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight.

6 thoughts on “Wrong Publish Date … Again

  1. I sometimes get this if I’ve left a post as a draft for a day or two. When I do publish, it seems to use the date / time I started the draf rather than when I finished it. I had assumed it is partly because I’m still using the ‘old’ editor. To get round it, I try to remember to schedule any post that has saved as a draft for a few minutes after I’m ready to publish, rather than just pressing ‘publish’.

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    • I thought the problem had something to do with saved drafts so I did a save and then published right away. My think was it would take either the saved draft date or the actual publish date. I’m not sure I understand what you did to get around it. Are you saying that if you do save it as a draft around the time you are going to publish you should wait after the save for a bit before publishing? Thanks for the help.


      • If I suspect it might go wrong because the post has been a draft for a while, instead of publishing it, I schedule it for three minutes or so in the future. It then publishes automatically using the scheduled date / time.

        To schedule on the old editor, click on Edit next to Publish Immediately (it’s one of the options under Save Draft), set the time for a few minutes in the future, and click OK. It will publish when the time comes around. If you’re using the new editor, click on Status then the drop down arrow next to Publish Immediately and set the time at the bottom. My fingers are crossed for you.


  2. Hmmmmm….I have no idea if I’m screwing up my blog posts with this problem. I’m not a WP reader, I go the old-fashion way through email notification. Probably why I get behind on reading blogs; takes longer I know, but I like seeing photos enlarged on my laptop. 🙂

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    • I generally like going to the actual site because on some the photos look better than in the reader due to the background color. But I recently got hooked on the reader and it’s easy (at least on the PC) to get a translation and or go to the site.

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