Clean Up

Except for some family and friends and various holiday photos these are the last photos I took in 2016.  Normally I don’t run this far behind between when a photo is taken and when it appears in a post.  As explained in an earlier post, an incident that occurred in June 2017 caused me to stop picture taking and processing for several months.  This resulted in a processing backlog for 2016 and 2017 photos.  With this post my 2016 photos are out of the way and now I can catch up with my processing for 2017.

Unfortunately I am not building much of a backup in my 2018 processing because I’ve taken so few photos. I’ve taken some in my yard but they are mostly the same subject so I’d be afraid to try to get more than couple of posts out of them.

There have been three things that have hampered my photography so far in 2018:  1.) problems with my garden to the point I am not able to sufficiently attract bees and butterflies, 2.) excessively rainy weather, and 3.) excessively hot weather.  The later two have contributed to my garden problems.  I’m going to talk about my garden problems in a later post.

With regard to the weather, the coldness of March carried over into April which was combine with lots of rain.  We had much more than the normal April showers that bring May flowers.  (Pop Quiz:  What do May flowers bring?  A:  Pilgrims.)  Not only was it too wet to take pictures most of the time, the flowers were not there except for some flags and tulips.  We went from cold and rain in April to hot in May and June.  I’m talking the July kind of hot.  We have a detached garage less that thirty strides from the back door.  I break out into a sweat just walking to the garage or just standing around for ten watering flowers.   I can’t photograph in that kind of weather, or do much else.

Okay that’s enough of the excuses and complaining, here’s a clean up of photos from 2016.


During the year the bumble bees were especially fond of my cosmoses.





I’ve no idea of what kind of mushroom this is.


Backside of a cosmos.


Late in the year the garden begins to become unruly; things get broken, more debris shows up, and all the green that was there earlier is giving way more and more each day to brown.



Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

10 thoughts on “Clean Up

    • Thanks Donna. I’m hoping with the Fall weather now staying warmer longer I might squeeze in a second planting of seeds if I do it within the next few days and my new fencing keeps the rabbits out.

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    • Thanks Maverick. I had weather problems last year too (although not as long lasting) and had a pretty good plan for this year but the double whammy of squirrels and rabbits did me in. As mentioned above in my response to Donna I may be able to sneak in a second planting.

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    • Thank you Maria. I apologize for my late response but I’ve been out of town for the past three days and I am not very good at using my smartphone for administering my blog; too many typos and accidently hitting enter or send so I try to avoid it as much as possible and just use the PC.

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