Wine and Landscapes

The title may be (unintentionally) a little misleading. I have no photos of wine, but I was drinking wine while taking photos of landscapes. I don’t mean that I was drinking wine and photographing at the same time, I’m not a crude person. I would put the bottle down before I’d snap a picture. I’m not sure which winery this is but based the limited number of ones I’ve been to, and the view of the Missouri River in some of these photos, I’d say it is one of the wineries in the Defiance or Augusta, Missouri area. This area is thirty-five to forty miles west of where I live in St. Louis county but that doesn’t mean it’s thirty-five to forty minute drive because about two-thirds of the drive is two lane highway following the course of Missouri River.

If you get seated in the right area of the patio this winery has a nice view of farmland, woods, and the Missouri River.

This was taken from the same spot as the photo above but I zoomed the lens in to get more detail of the buildings.

I call this photo Treeo. This has nothing to do with the clever name of the photo but while I was looking at it this morning during my final proof of the post I noticed a very small bright cross or telephone pole in a bare spot between the two trees on the left. It had me puzzled because, although it was very tiny and thin, it was fairly bright and I thought I would have noticed it. I started to turn the scroll wheel on my mouse to enlarge it and realized the object was my cursor. We had a very nice Memorial Day party with family and friends yesterday, need I say more.

Thanks for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikkor 24-85mm zoom lens.

14 thoughts on “Wine and Landscapes

  1. What a most beautiful spot to enjoy a glass of wine and look out over this green and very pleasant land. Gorgeous photos, David! I really like the light and shadows in the last image, and the way you have used the two trees to frame it.

    I spent ages trying to spot your cursor but I couldn’t fnd it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Thank you for your kind words Pete. It times like this one that I wish I had a tripod with me so I could use a small aperture and ISO 100, but I never will, at least not in a place like this. Tripods and crowds don’t mix plus they are a pain to lug around and they take all the spontaneity, at least for me, of shooting. Maybe someday I’ll think of a place to go and try some serious landscape or cityscape photography that benefits from the use of a tripod.

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  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I’m living vicariously through you, David. Share some wine! I’m also not sure I’ve seen landscapes from you before, they’re truly breathtaking. Encore!

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    • Thank you Gabriela. I’m really glad you like them. I don’t do them too often because as I’ve mentioned in older posts I don’t think I’m very good with landscapes. Every now and then I give it a shot, so to speak, trying to figure out what my eye is or isn’t for them. I still haven’t figured that out but obviously I was ok with these or I wouldn’t have posted them.

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