Blackburn Park

Place:  Blackburn Park, Webster Groves, Missouri

Date:   April 28, 2016

Update:  I posted this this morning, May 9, 2017; however, in the Dashboard and in the post it was showing a posting date if April 30 2017, 10:12 AM.  I’ve gone in and corrected the data via the Dashboard, hope it takes.


How many of my posts feature subjects in Blackburn Park?  The question is rhetorical but the answer is:  a lot.  There reason I’ve shared a lot from Blackburn is because I’ve been there so often.  I used to go almost twice a week when I lived just a mile from the park but now it’s a two mile trip there; four miles round trip.  I don’t really mind to walking part too much, just the time it takes.  In addition to the walk time there is the time I spend in the park taking pictures and day dreaming as I walk around.  Then on the way back I always take a different route that thas a few house with some nice gardens where I can take pictures from the sidewalk or street.  The walk back probably takes 20 minutes longer than the walk to the park.  In case some of you are experiencing a bit of deja vu, I’m pretty sure I’ve said all that before in another post but I need some way to start this.  Anyway, here are some pictures from Blackburn Park.



I think this is a flesh fly.  I know it’s on on a lamb’s ear leaf.


These next two photos remind me of the fletching on arrows.




I’m not positive but I think this is a castor bean plant.


Don’t know what this is other than the profile of a head looking down and it has been wrapped in something strange.  If you’re not seeing what I’m seeing I wouldn’t worry about it.  It’s more likely that the worry is that I’m seeing what I’m seeing.


According to New World Encyclopedia there about 4,000 known species of skippers.  This skipper undoubtedly belongs to one of them.


Don’t you kind of wonder what was on his mind.  I kind of wonder what two or three more shots would have shown.  That’s life, full of wonder.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 an a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

4 thoughts on “Blackburn Park

    • Thanks Maverick. I’ve really been trying to pay attention to the background because I’ve had so many nice photos I’ve had to delete due to a distracting background.


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