An Interlude Video

I missed my normal, self-imposed Tuesday deadline for posting.  There is a bit of minor chaos (minor and chaos might be an oxymoron so let’s say a bit of disruption) going on right now due to a shift in my normal routine.  I am a person of habit and when things change it throws me off for awhile.  Adding to that is the fact while I normally keep my photo files pretty well organized, the 2016 files are pretty much in shambles.  I need to get them organized and fully backed up.  I’ve been working on that in piecemeal fashion but have been running across files that I originally thought were pretty good but now think maybe not so good and they need to be reprocessed.  Bottom line is I probably won’t be posing for a couple of weeks while I get the files in order and settle into the new routine.

In the meantime here is something I created about seven years ago before I had “gotten into” digital photography and recently re-discovered.  I’ll admit the very first picture is not an original idea of mine.  When I was a very little kid and first saw the movie The Wizard of Oz they had something similar that just stayed with me.

I originally called these things picture puns but decided that wasn’t exactly accurate and people might get distracted looking for an actual pun; hence, a descriptive title instead.  Even though it’s not original with me I include it because it hopefully sets a thought pattern in your brain to help you enjoy the rest of the clip.

Pictures & Words

You should be able to get to the video by clicking on the picture or text above.  Don’t forget to have your speakers on.

If you have any comments please leave them here on WordPress as I never check the Vimeo site.

As always thanks for visiting and hopefully I’ll be ready to start posting again in two or three weeks.



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