In My Yard

Place:  My Back Yard

Date:  October 11, 2015

Time:  ~11:30 AM


As I start to put this post together it is October, 2016 so, at about this time last year I was taking photos in my yard.  On four days, from October 11th through October 17th, my photos were limited to what was in my yard.  There were a couple of reasons for this; one – most of the flowering plants in the parks were gone and two – I had an abundance (thought not a large variety) of flowers  I had planted from seeds in a circle surrounding a bird bath.  For this particular post, only the last photo includes those flowers.  The others involve a small clump of Shasta daisies plopped down in the back yard, in the very back and in the center.  There is no other plant or bush around, they’re just there by themselves.  A symmetrical if not optimal location.

My last post started with two photos of a fly and I didn’t get any complaints so I’ll push my luck and start this post with three photos of flies.  Unlike my last post I think I know what these are:  long-legged flies.


When I first opened up this file I couldn’t figure out why the abdomen was out of focus on a side view.  Immediately I started thinking the worst.  Something was wrong with the camera or lens.  I was relieved when, after studying the photo for a minute or two, I realized that the focus was okay – it’s his right wing that’s causing the blur.


No comment.


A spotted cucumber beetle looking out over his domain.  It appears he may have left something behind.


Here he’s bravely walking to the edge.  Well …  he’s not really that brave.  If he falls off he can just start flying before hitting the ground.


A preview of some of what’s in store for next week:  cosmoses.  And no, I did not see the shield bug when I took the picture.


Thank you for stopping by.

All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 DSLR and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

5 thoughts on “In My Yard

  1. Looks like a lot happening in the garden! I know in my garden, the insects are still visiting, but have seen dragonflies just yesterday at the nature preserve. Our weather is just to warm at this time of year.

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