Larson Park #2

Place:  Larson Park, Webster Groves, Missouri

Date:  October 8, 2015

Time:  2:47 PM -2:59 PM


From this angle it’s really impossible to tell (at least for me) what kind of fly this is.  In both photos it does look like it has Quaker Oats for hands and feet.




So much for flies, lets move on to river oats.  In last week’s post I mentioned the sun was relatively low producing some good light and this can be seen (I hope) in these river oats photos.




Skippers didn’t get their name by accident but, instead of skipping all around the place, this skipper pretty much acted as though he was in a paid photo shoot; very cooperative and professional.  This is what they call an establishing shot.  Getting a view of the total scene or environment.


Same subject but a different shot at a lower angle and closer.  Now highlighting what the subject is doing; getting more personal and involved with the subject.


Again same subject but with an even tighter crop to get you the viewer even more connected with the subject.  You’re almost best buds ready to friend each other on Facebook.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

11 thoughts on “Larson Park #2

    • Thanks Mike. I kind of like the second too because the growth off the branch is a little unique. Flesh fly was what I was going to guess because what you can see of its back doesn’t look dark enough for a house fly and not metallic enough for a blow or bottle fly.


    • Thank you Eileen. Sorry for the late response but all I had on my trip was my phone and my fat-finger error rate on the phone is so high it’s just not worth trying to type anything.


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