The End of September 2015 (photographically speaking)

Date Taken:  September 28 ,2015

     Location:  My yard and unknown


The photos in this post are in a folder on my PC labeled 2015-09-28 Yard but I know the first three weren’t taken in my yard.  Sometimes I go for a walk with my camera and at the end take photos in the yard because I didn’t find much on the walk.  This day I obviously didn’t find much on the walk; not much in the yard either.


I don’t know what type of flowers these are but they remind me of dandelions; both the seeds and the way the long sepals close up.




To me these rose buds have kind of a Dr. Seuss illustration look.  I remember when taking and processing this photo I really liked it.  Looking at it now I’m not so sure.  It might not have hurt to crop it just a bit tighter on top, and for sure cloning out the stuff at the bottom of the stem on the left would help, and a little lightening on the lower third of the buds plus a couple of swipes with the sharpening brush on the right bud might help a little.  All in all I should probably either do all the above, or delete it from the post.  I’m not going to do either.  I’m leaving the photo as is – an illustration of what didn’t work the first time around and suggestions on how to try to fix it. I think the suggestions might help but, in the end I don’t think the results will be worth the effort.  It had potential but, when all is said and done, it’s just a near miss.  I’ve deleted it from my files.


The next three photos are of a shield or stink bug taken on the top pipe of a chain link fence.  They were taken with a Sigma 105mm macro with a +3 close-up filter which is sometimes called a diopter.  Note the very shallow DOF.  Whether it’s at the macro or telephoto level, the more magnification the shallower the depth of field.





A few posts ago I said a picture of a rose in that post was my favorite one taken during the year.  This is not my new favorite, but this one is up there.


I suspect that some of you keep track of some of my chronological posts on your desk calendars at home or on your favorite electronic device.  I’m guessing notes are entered in the same date as the date the photos were taken.  This provides an easy reference to go back to (or avoid) prior posts with guideline notes to yourself that are probably similar to these:  “Beautiful series, each photo was just perfect.  Need to go back and visit often!”, or “How many flocking flowers can this guy photograph?  Really, when is enough, enough?”, or “That sucked, tilted horizons and soft focus, must have taken them just before his cataract surgery.”

Anyway, for those of you who are keeping track I just wanted to let you know these are the last of the September 2015 photos so you can flip your calendar page (literally or figuratively – your call) to October 2015.

Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

13 thoughts on “The End of September 2015 (photographically speaking)

  1. Hi David,
    Very nice shots! Not sure how interesting this is, but your bug is more likely a leaf-footed bug of family Coreidae. The hinting characteristic (for me) is that “leaf-like” flap on the hind leg. Like their stink bug cousins, BugGuide tells me they can emit a noxious odor as well. All in the family, er, Infraorder, in this case. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mike. It is interesting (at least to me) and I always appreciate any additional information you can provide, or corrections. I hadn’t even noticed the flap on the leg. It’s kind of strange and I can’t see that it would help much with camouflage or predator avoidance, nor with gathering food, that leaves reproduction or just something random.


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