Blackburn Park September 24, 2015 (#2 Bud with Memories and Butterflies)

Place:  Blackburn Park, Webster Groves, Missouri

Date:  September 24, 2015

Time:  12:11 PM – 12:20 PM


Let’s get right to the photos.  First is this bud on a bush.  I don’t know what kind of bush it is but it attracts monarchs and skippers and bees.  There are four or five of these bushes in a row and they are where I found and photographed a hummingbird clearwing moth.  (see photos here)  Every time I go to the park I check out these bushes to see if the month is there … so far no luck.


This monarch was just hanging around and pretty much let me get as close as I wanted for a long period of time.


From this shot I thought it might be a male but not at all sure.


This shot gave me more confidence this was a male.  Males have a spot on the back of each of their wings.  It sometimes “bleeds through” to the underside of the wing.  Looking at the photo below you’ll see a thick, straight black vain on the far left.  Next is a vein that runs diagonally to the lower right then turns and runs straight down parallel with the straight vein on the left.  Just after it makes that turn to run straight down you’ll see a little blob or bubble on the vein before it starts to get skinny.  I think that bubble/blob is the spot on the other side.


And now I see I was right, it is a male monarch based on the two spots on the top of his hind wings.


Another shot of the monarch.


As some of you know I often see things in my photos that aren’t really there.  Maybe they are there since I see them, but I don’t know.  In these two shots it looks to me that the monarch has his head turned towards me and is giving me a big o’ Cheshire Cat grin.



Thank you visiting my blog and viewing my photos.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro.

11 thoughts on “Blackburn Park September 24, 2015 (#2 Bud with Memories and Butterflies)

  1. Nice shots, David. Always good to see monarchs. I’ve actually got a shot of one scheduled later this week. The Monarchs I saw this year weren’t that cooperative for me however. They were usually on a butterfly bush along with the hummingbird clearwings which actually were easier to shoot (at true macro anyway). Didn’t know that about the spots indicating a male, good to know.

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    • Thanks Mike. I’d love another chance to shoot a hummingbird clearwing, but just haven’t seen one. I’d try for a faster shutter speed next time to stop the wings.


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