Faust Park #4

These are the last of the photos from my September 2015 trip to St. Louis County’s Faust Park and they are a hodgepodge of insects and flowers.

I’m pretty sure this is a buckeye butterfly.  It’s late summer and you can see the ragged edges of the blurry wing.


I think this is a male clouded sulphur butterfly but it might be female cloudless sulphur.  As I’ve mentioned before I have a hard time telling the cloud and cloudless sulphurs apart because I can’t find a good comparison picture of the two together.  Once I see that I can lock it in my mind but for now I have to say “I think” when I point them out.  You can see that it too has some ragged edges on its wings.


This is a damselfly and I think it’s a black and white damselfly versus a white-legged damselfly.  Notice how white it is and all the white on the branch were it’s perched.  Coincidence?


Here are a few photos of a dragonfly I found.  In this first photo he seems to have found a nice prize to take home.


No, the photo above is not for real.   Here are two more images where you can see what’s going on.  I cloned the stem out in the first photo.



Took the two photos below when I got home from Faust Park.  I don’t know what type of flowers these they are.  I planted them from a seed mix but didn’t keep the seed envelope.  I did save seeds from them and one other flower but the seeds for this particular one must have been damp when I gathered them.  When I got out the seeds this spring they were moldy.  The others propagated just fine.  If anyone knows what they are or has an idea of what the might be I’d appreciate hearing about it because they are a fun challenge to photograph.



Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with Nikon D7100 and Sigma 105mm macro lens.

18 thoughts on “Faust Park #4

  1. Very nice photos, David. I especially like the dragonfly and flowers. The dragon, if it’s pretty small, looks like an Amberwing. There is the Eastern Amberwing and I believe a similar looking species whose name I can’t remember. I believe they are among the smallest dragons in the US and Canada.

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  2. Thanks for the info Mike. I wish I could remember the size but I don’t and I can’t remember the size of the dried out flower. Looking at the EXIF data for the thee files I see the first one was the only one not cropped so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t big but not sure how small.


    • Thanks Maverick, I’ve never heard of gaillardias. I did a quick Google image search at the certainly looks like a very strong possibility. I look into some more.


    • Thank you Eliza. I did a Google search on that and the images had the same types of dark red, roundish bulbs and the spindly stems. I check around the nurseries hear to see if I can get a plant or seeds.


  3. Ditto Eliza. If you are lucky they will sprinkle their seed for next year by themselves. Great shots as always. I really like the dragonfly with his ‘prize.’ Cute.

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    • Thank you Donna. I don’t have any thoughts on the number of dragon flies in my area. Since July 5 or 6 the heat and humidity have been so bad in the St. Louis area that I have not gotten out much for photography. Also quite a bit of stormy weather. Almost all of what I’ve been shooting is in my yard or family/friends photos on various weekend trips. Hopefully September will allow me to get out before all the annuals die and the bugs take off.

      We did go to the Missouri Botanical Garden this week end for the Japanese Festival and I did notice ample numbers of dragonflies at the various reflecting pools, but then those are ideal locations. I took my camera for photos of us. It’s nearly impossible to take photos when they have special events at the garden.


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