I’ll Bet You Weren’t Expecting This

I still have quite a few photos from Faust Park to share, but not this week.  Also, this post has nothing to do with my complicated Nikon D7100 or the Sigma 105mm macro, which has become my go to lens.  I’m doing something different with my post this week and I hope you enjoy it.

My camera before the Nikon D7100 was a pocket sized Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7.  The specs said that in addition to all the automated functions you could also manually focus, set aperture, set shutter speed, and set ISO.  This led me to think it would behave pretty much like a DSLR (at the time I didn’t truly know how a DSLR operated, I just assumed it was like a SLR, but digital).  They didn’t lie about the specs but several of those manual functions were pretty useless and I didn’t realize the tiny 1/2.33″ sensor, even thought it was 12 MP, was severely limiting in terms of image quality and the things I wanted to do like low light photography and control depth of field.  Also I didn’t realize that the camera lens had a very narrow aperture range.

Three positive things were it had a very good lens that produced excellent, sharp pictures (if the subject was in bright sunlight), the camera allowed me to get very close to the subject, and the camera had excellent deep depth of field when taking close ups.

The P.Mantis link below takes you to a video I shot with the ZS7 and edited with Magix Movie Edit Pro.  I’ve had about 10 versions of the software over the years so I don’t know which version I was on 6 years ago when I did this.  I had a lot of fun filming and editing this and I hope you have fun viewing it.

Make sure your speakers are on and enjoy.


P. Mantis


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