Faust Park

In mid-September last year I drove out to Faust Park in West St. Louis County.  The park is best know for two things:  it’s the site of a Butterfly House which is managed by the Missouri Botanical Garden and the park houses the fully restored Forest Park Highlands carousel in a climate controlled building.  The carousel was originally installed in the Highlands in 1929.  The Highlands burnt to the ground in 1963 and the carousel was the only thing left standing.  Faust Park also used to be the home of Circus Flora, a small European style one ring circus.  The circus is now located in the city of St. Louis in the Grand Center area, the (as far as I can tell) self proclaimed arts and entertainment area of the city.

I didn’t go to Faust Park to take pictures of butterflies or the carousel, I went to take pictures of flowers and insects.  Compared to the places I normally go this is a bit out of the way, 25 miles from my house, but it has a good diversity of flowers and insects.  The latter probably benefiting the former.  Also aiding the diversity is the fact that several flower beds are located next to a large pond, or small lake.  I never know when a pond becomes a lake, or when a creek or a stream becomes a river.  As a kid I lived near the Wabash River, a decent sized river and when it flooded it was massive.  For the past 50+ years I’ve lived between the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers.  I may have a higher threshold than some as to when a creek becomes a river.

Okay, in these first two paragraphs I’ve digressed considerably from the topic so lets get to the pictures from Faust Park.

It was a golden day for honey bees.


When I went to this park last year I got photos of a grasshopper and was hoping I’d get some this time also.  I wasn’t disappointed.




Did I mention it was a golden day for honey bees?


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

12 thoughts on “Faust Park

    • Thank you Donna. I hadn’t thought about the potential damage of the grasshopper. Evidently it is an ideal location because I found one just like this one in the same spot last year.


    • Thanks MK. Never had one jump on me but haven’t really shot that many. With my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 I had to get real close for macros and I once had a jumping spider who kept displaying how he got his name by jumping on my camera whenever I got too close. The first time I thought he had just jumped away until I felt him crawling on my shutter finger. I jumped a little too.

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