Tower Grove Park (Part 2)

Last week I shared photos of bees taken at Tower Grove Park last September.  This week I have lotus and water lily plants plus a buckeye butterfly photo.  This is the only butterfly photo I have from this trip and there aren’t that many lotus/water lily photos so I’m just throwing the buckeye in here.  Just a reminder these photos were taken with a Nikkor 80-400mm telephoto zoom and not the Sigma 105mm macro that I normally use.

First the buckeye.  This is another one of those photos that make me feel really stupid.  I didn’t notice until after finishing processing the photo that it contained two buckeyes.  Doh!  Had I seen this when taking the picture I would have gone for a side and a rear view also and might have gotten and even more interesting photo.  Hopefully some day soon it will dawn on me to slow down and look at everything more closely to see what I’m not seeing.


For me this has has kind of a Jurassic or primeval look and almost looks like a reptile as opposed to a plant.  Sometime I worry because I see things in my photos that aren’t really there and I don’t see things that are there.


A lotus blossom with some fortuitous lighting and a green shower head just under the blossom.


POW!  KRUNCH!  Remember the old Batman TV series.  This is what the bat cave would look like if Batman were a frog.


Some young Victoria water lily pads and a bud.


Water lilies and again fortuitous lighting.  Fortuitous is not part of my normal vocabulary but it’s a fun word to say in my mind as I type.


Lotus blossom with a square crop that I rarely do.  I really don’t like square crops too much and I’m not sure I like this one though it does seem to work.  It would make a nice image for a coaster.


Thank you for stopping by; hope it was worth the effort.


All photos taken with Nikon D7100 and Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm lens.

21 thoughts on “Tower Grove Park (Part 2)

    • Thank you Eileen. I know a lot of people like square crops and sometimes they just make more sense than anything else. For some reason though I am not too fond of them or portrait orientated photos. Funny thing is I don’t mind them at all on the work of others, just not on mine.


  1. I also like the square crop. I used to have a Yashica 220, and I think that it brings me back to those days. Still have some film in the freezer, maybe I will bring it out again.
    Don’t feel bad about the two butterflies, I couldn’t see them until I really looked.

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