Odds ‘n Ends

If you’re reading this and the first week of June has not ended then you know contrary to what I said last week I was able to write a post in advance.  More importantly I was able to post using the WP app on my phone while sitting pool side in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida or, since I’m writing this in advance, maybe I’m sitting in a chair on a patio watching the sunset, enjoying a bourbon and coke and, if I can sneak it by my wife, a nice cigar. Cheers.  Anyway, here’s the post.

When I go out with my camera I don’t always come back with a fully exposed roll.  Sometimes I end up taking nothing or what I do take gets deleted except for a shot or two and this leaves me with odds and ends photos.  I put these photos in a folder labeled Misc.  Over time my judgment improves and I delete a lot of photos in this folder.  I also keep stuff I shouldn’t … just because.  So here are a few odds and ends.

Last August my wife and I went on our close-to-annual, weekend trip to Chicago.  It’s seemingly endless hours of walking up and down Michigan avenue and nearby streets and going through store after store after store.  And we don’t do this just once but several times over the course of Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning.  I don’t know why I put myself through this torture on an annual basis.  Sure there’s some good food I can’t get anywhere else like Garrett popcorn and Malnati’s pizza, but really, I must be crazy to suffer this.

I will admit though that I was kind of excited about this trip because I saw that the hotel where we were staying had an outdoor pool on the 5th floor and Saturday night was going to be a full moon.  I had visions of getting some cool moon shots with the city skyline so I packed the 80-400mm telephoto zoom in addition to the 24-85mm zoom I always take on trips.  I even packed my monopod in case I wanted to get some night scene photos without super high ISOs.

It rained.  A lot.  The whole time we were there it rained off and on and it seemed to rain more at night.  I didn’t even take the camera out the bag.  Here’s a view from our hotel window taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6.  This was after the rain chased us off the pool deck.


The next day was off and on rain and misty, so like I said earlier, the camera didn’t come out of the bag.  I like taking photos of buildings.  Problem is I don’t have a camera or lens that lets me make adjustments to correct for distorted perspective.  You know, when the building is leaning away from you instead of going straight up or you have multiple leaning towers of Pisa going in different directions.  There is a feature in my primary editing software (PaintShop Pro X8) that corrects perspective but I find it very complicated and hard to use.  I tried using it here on the Wrigley building.  The first photo is the jpg out of my Samsung Galaxy S6 and the second is the edited version.  As you can see I inadvertently added some distortion as well as removing some.  I also cleared up some of the shadowed areas in the photo.



After.  This is one of those photo where there is enough bowing-out distortion and insufficient foreground that it shouldn’t be a keeper … but I like it.  I wouldn’t pay to have it printed or anything but it’s fun to view on the monitor every now and then.


The rest of the photos in this post were taken with my Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.


A couple of photos of a cricket fighting his way through the dust bunnies in the basement.



Seed Pod


For a few really cool seed pod photos check this post on the MK PIX blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


How’s this for a change?  Not all photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

15 thoughts on “Odds ‘n Ends

  1. I actually prefer the ‘before’ pic, it seems to give more of a sense of the ‘towering-ness’ ( I like making up my own words) of the buildings. But I do like the cleared up shadows of the ‘after’. Luvly ….

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are people who get some really fantastic pictures out of their phones but the image quality for a print will never match a dslr because of sensor size. However, whatever image quality short comings this photo may have, it’s a lot better than not having the photo because the dslr was kept in the bag.


  2. Thank you Maverick I just wish I had paid more attention and included more foreground. Maybe next time; after all it is a close-to-annual trip.


  3. Thanks so much for the link to Podzilla, David! I’m just now noticing because I’ve been oh so busy with other projects. Sorry to be so slow to appreciate.

    I am a bit dismayed when I look at your night photo taken with your Samsung S6. I think they left of the “really really beautiful photo feature” on my Samsung S6. I may have to take the phone back.

    I love the cricket pictures. None of the crickets in my basement are as handsome as yours. I do have lizards in my basement though. Perhaps they’ve scared all the handsome ones away. Or eaten them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for that nice compliment MK. I will readily admit that (regardless if it’s from my phone or camera) it is very, very, rarely that I do not make a number of tweaks and adjustments to my photos. If it weren’t for PaintShop Pro my blog would be nothing but humorous (hopefully) essays and a few poems. It would be called: It’s Complicated, Trying to Have Fun With the English Language.

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