Morning Walk – August 19, 2015

Back in August, after four or five weeks of temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s we had a cold front come through that brought some overnight rain and a sunny day where the high was only in the mid-70s.  It was a perfect day for a morning walk with a camera.

Just a few blocks from my house is a small municipal park called Southwest Park.  It’s mainly a ball field and a toddlers’ playground surrounded on the east and west with open groves of trees (mostly old oak trees but some ornamental trees), on the south it’s bordered by the back yards of houses and on the north by a parking lot and a historical house.  All in all it’s usually slim pickings for photo opportunities.  This walk proved the exception to the lack of photo opportunities at Southwest Park.


Below is an eastern tent caterpillar recently emerged from his tent.  I first shared photos of an eastern tent caterpillar in the post Last/First which contained the last photos from my old house and the first from my current house.


Here are a whole bunch (or maybe a swarm or a colony) of the caterpillars still in the tent.  Don’t know what all those little black things are and I kind of think I don’t want to know.


This could be a strange looking upside down toad but it’s not; it’s another photo of the tent.  Remember I said it rained the night before?  It looks as thought the tent acted like a giant tea bag. I don’t know what was in the tent that caused the water to change to those colors.  As is the case with the black dots, I don’t think I want to know the details here either.


For some reason I like this photo and even though the leaves are distracting, I can’t bring myself to delete it.  Maybe it’s because it reminds me of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s dummy Peanut.


Just nice colors and water drops.


I don’t know what this is but with all the red variegated veins and bright yellow green I had to take a picture.


Least you start thinking I don’t know what anything is – this is a rose.


And this is a honey bee headed to a rose.


As the bee enters, I will exit.  Thank you for stopping by.


All photos take with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

5 thoughts on “Morning Walk – August 19, 2015

  1. I agree with you — I don’t want to know what the black dots are in the caterpillar tent. I keep thinking of the humans stuck in alien pods in the film “Alien”.

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    • Thank you Donna. I think two of the worst things you can see are bushes infested with Japanese beetles and trees infested with tent caterpillars.


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