Lake of the Ozarks – August 8, 2016

Twice a year (February an August) my wife and I go to the lake with two other couples, all friends of 45+ years.  Sometime I take pictures (rarely in February) and sometimes I don’t.  I did this past August.  My photos were limited to flowers and insect; no landscapes, no waterscapes, and no snapshots of us.  I barely had time for what I did take so my numbers and variety were relatively small.  Below are the flower photos.


A colorful marigold and background.


I don’t know the type of flower for the next two photos; if anyone knows I’d appreciate hearing from you.



Gotta wonder; was this rosebud practicing to deceive?


A preview of what is to come next week.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.




11 thoughts on “Lake of the Ozarks – August 8, 2016

    • Funny thing when I did a image search for Lantana one of the images was of a good looking sandwich. Clicking on it I found there’s a restaurant in southern California called Lantana. First one reminds you of the ’60s; something you actually saw or had visions of?

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  1. Love these. I really really like the composition in the last one. The gentle soft vague colour of the background really works against the spiky legs and metallic colours of the beetle. It has an otherwordly feel and seems like it is taken from the perspective of the beetle which we usually think of as monsters. Here, it is the beetle is the most solid thing in creation. Bravo.

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    • Thank you Debra. I’m glad you like the beetle. I wouldn’t count it as one of my best insect photos, but I like it and think it’s interesting for many of the same reasons you mentioned.


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