Blackburn Park – August 7, 2015

Two days after taking the photos in my yard (see last two blog posts) I went to Blackburn Park.  I haven’t been there as often as in the past because with my move in May the park is now two miles away instead of one – a four mile round trip instead of two miles.  It’s not that walking the extra two miles is such a big deal, it’s the extra time associated with those extra miles.  When I walk with a camera I pretty much double, if not triple, the time it takes to walk a given distance without the camera.  I think what I might try this spring is driving to the municipal pool, which is about dead center between my house and the park, and walking to Blackburn from there.  That way I can get my walk and photography in without taking 3 – 4 hours out of my day.

So below are the photos from my August 7 trip to Blackburn Park.  These photos are my second attempt at using a 2x close up lens.

In June the two large lamb’s ear garden beds were flooded and a lot of the plants ended up rotting.  By August there had been some recovery and a fly is doing his fly thing on one of the plants.  I think the flies in these first two photos are flesh flies.

Update:   Michael Marlow (  has advised me that these are blow flies and when it comes to insects I’ll go with what he says.



Here a hover fly is doing his hover fly thing on a lamb’s ear.  I asked him to turn around but, as you can see, I was totally ignored.


A daylily with some dramatic color.  They way the stamens are pointed and arched almost makes it look like the vibrant reds and yellow are pushing up from the center of the flower.


Moving from dramatic color to something a little more sublime.


Another fine image of a bug’s butt.


I’m pretty sure the insect in this photo and in the above photo is a white-margined burrowing bug.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens with a 2x close up attachment.

18 thoughts on “Blackburn Park – August 7, 2015

    • Thank you Lyle. The lens does add something to the Sigma 105mm macro. I don’t recall using it again so now I’m kind of up for giving the 2x and its siblings a good try when the weather turns and new vegetation begins to show.

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    • Thanks MK. I will be shooting some more 2x (or higher) but even though Spring is only about a week and a half away I doubt I’ll have much subject matter for at least the next 45 days or so.

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    • Thank you Donna. I agree with you about them having lots of color, especially with sunlight hitting them at different angles. They are something you see almost everyday during the summer, but I don’t think you really see them unless someone photographs them.


  1. Great shots, David; especially those first two fly shots, I really like those. I will add, those are not flesh flies; they appear to be blow flies, family Calliphoridae. Why are they called that? I really have no idea. 🙂

    Other common names are greenbottle or bluebottle flies. Given the coloration those names are little more obvious.

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