More from the Yard – August 3, 2016

In followup to last week’s post, here are more photos from my yard.


I’m not sure what this is, or even if it deserves a Kodak moment, but it was interesting enough to me to take a shot.  After all, digital film is cheap.



Another shot of the canna; this time with more emphasis on the leaf than the bud.


As Peter Parker might say:  “This makes my spidey sense tingle.”


Cicada shells are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  I guess it’s because no matter how close I get, they don’t try to move away.


In the shot above I used natural light.  Below I used the camera’s flash.  I think the shadow gives the photo kind of an Orson Welles dramatic effect.


To avoid ending this post on a bit of the creepy side here is a photo of a daylily leaf with some morning dew still hanging on even though it is already a little half past noon.


Current News Regarding Me and My Complicated D7100

I’ve been meaning to bring this up the past several weeks but kept forgetting or didn’t have time.  As of this post I have had the Nikon D7100 for three years, almost to the day.  The camera can take video but I had never been interested in using it for video until Christmas 2014.  While at a party I decided I would shoot some small video clips.  No big deal right?  Just press the little red record button to start and then press again to stop.  I’d done it hundreds of time with my various video cameras and later pocket digital cameras with video.  When I started to transfer my new video from the D7100 to the PC the next day there were no video files.

I played around with the camera and various settings to see if I could “get it to work” but no luck.  I read the manual and re-read the manual and the other book I bought to teach me how to use the camera when the manual couldn’t.   I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.  I even tried reading bits of instructions in reverse order to see if that would make something stand out.  It didn’t.  I could not figure it out.

Every so often during last year I would get out the camera, manual, and book and try to figure it out.  The main reason I wanted to use the video was because we now have a grandson and he was going to be one year old on New Year’s Eve 2015.  All though the year I’ve taken video of him with my Samsung Galaxy S6.  It does a nice job but I knew the D7100 video file would be much nicer since its sensor is about a billion times larger and that coupled with my Nikkor lenses should produce some, at least technically, excellent video.  Also, with the larger sensor and appropriate lens I could through the background out of focus to isolate the subject.  That is if I could figure out how to operate the camera.  I was beginning to think that the problem may not be the very complicated D7100 but maybe it’s me and that I’m just, for lack of a better word, a dummy.

Finally, in desperation, a few days before the 1 year birthday party, I went online and typed in “how to film video with a Nikon D7100”.  That brought up an article with instructions by  Julie Adair King from the book Nikon D7100 For Dummies.  The instructions were perfect and I was able to get video with the D7100 at my grandson’s birthday party in January.  So, after three years with the camera I’ve learned one new thing:  how to shoot video with the camera.  I also learned that evidently I am a dummy.  Humbling, but progress, and who knows what wonderful new feature I might master during the next three years.

Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

16 thoughts on “More from the Yard – August 3, 2016

    • Cripes! I hadn’t thought about that and with this mild winter it’s liable to be around this spring when I start rummaging through the yard again. On the other hand, if it is from outer space then it’s probably intelligent enough to realize that despite our mild winter so far, it landed in the wrong vector and has already headed for Phoenix or Miami.

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    • Thanks Lyle, it is a good feeling. I’ll probably still use my phone for most of my videos, just so darn handy, but it’s nice know that now I can bring out the big gun when I want.


    • Thanks topcat. If you’ve taken video with a fixed lens consumer camcorder or digital camera you know that you have pretty much unlimited depth of field due in large part to the small sensors and types of fixed lenses and their effective apertures (small). This type of consumer video set up allows for a true point and shoot. When you shoot with a DSLR and have lens and aperture choices (and no guarantee of a large depth of field due to the larger sensor) you have to shoot video like you would stills and take into consideration your focal length and aperture – no longer point and shoot. I doubt I’ll be posting any video taken with the D7100 because it will probably be all friends and family stuff which I don’t post.


  1. Loved all the photos, but most especially the last one. Fantastic colors. I also used my Nikon for videos – just once, in Costa Rica. It wasn’t the scene I wanted to capture, it was the sounds of the birds. Magical. Thankfully it worked.

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  2. Love these and thanks for the link. I don’t use my video either because I haven’t been happy with the results. Cicadas are awesome. They look like space monsters to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Debra. Photographing the cicada shells are fun because I can take all the time I need and move them around if I want to. I didn’t move the ones above as the were in good position for a photo. The live or freshly dead ones provide an opportunity for capturing some interesting colors.


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