My Yard – August 5, 2015

In my blog world time it has only been three days since my morning morning walk took to me to the Butterfly Garden again. There was still nothing new, let alone interesting, to photograph.  When I got back home I decided to explore our gardenless yard with my camera.  Surprisingly it turned out to be a pretty fruitful exploration.


A couple of zoysia grass blades pushing up through a web and dew covered section of lawn with an out of focus, unknown bug carcass in the background.


I think this is some sort of leafhopper.  The morning’s netting may be making it difficult for him to get to a leaf.


My wife bought a canna plant for the back yard shortly after we moved into our new house.  Our first outdoor planting.  She “let” me plant it.   As far as the flower goes it doesn’t do much for me.  However, I do find the bud and leaves interesting.


A distinctly dead bug.  I don’t know if it shows up on your monitor but it looks to me as though a spider tied a strand of silk to the leg on the right side.  Maybe to haul it off somewhere for safe keeping?


The flying Y.  A cedar tree needle suspended on two strands of spider silk.  Almost looks like an acrobat or gymnast in the layout position holding on to the rings with their legs together.  Unfortunately the Eastern-bloc judges deducted excessive points for the bent knees.


Sometime in the  late 80s or early 90s my family went on a vacation to California with another family.  The first leg of our trip was San Francisco and we all had a great time exploring the China town section of the city.  We went into a  Chinese grocery store which was nothing like an IGA or Kroger.  This photo reminds me of the chicken feet we saw hanging on the walls of the store.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

11 thoughts on “My Yard – August 5, 2015

  1. My favorite is that top photo, with the watery tent. Love it. But the fourth photo with the poor bug wrapped up and ready to haul away – reminds me of the first “Alien” movie.

    I look forward to the next few days in your travels.

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    • Yeah the fourth one is kind of creepy if you assume the scenario I guessed at. If looked at from Nature’s perspective it’s just the flow of life but I often like to assign human characteristics to animals and that at time is probably an insult to them. 🙂

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  2. Hi David, really like that leafhopper shot. Your dead bug shot actually looks like a dead spider shot (longshot guess is an orbweaver spider). Of course spiders are not above getting wrapped up in webs, their own or others. 🙂

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