Butterfly Garden (at least it’s supposed to be)

It’s July 22, 2015 in my chronology of photos.  A mile from my house is a small butterfly garden maintained by one of the local garden clubs.  It’s a little cutesy for me with butterfly shaped stepping stones and a couple of large plastic and wire butterflies attached to trees (and no, I did not sneak up and try to photograph them before they flew off).  This past summer the only butterflies I saw in the garden were a couple of monarchs and the usual abundance (everywhere) of skippers.  But it’s very nice that they go to the trouble to provide and maintain the garden for the public.  I’m thinking that maybe the over abundance of rain we had in June created a problem for the butterflies as there were also very few at Blackburn Park.  Did not see a single painted lady at either spot and the are usually pretty plentiful.

On summer mornings I walk two miles three to four times a week and since this garden is one mile from my house it is one of the three routes that I’ve mapped out and take.  The photos in this post were taken on one of those walks.

I’m not sure anymore as to what these two yellow flowers are.  I think the first is probably a brown-eyed Susan and the second may be a black-eyed Susan, or the same as this.



These next two are zinnias.  I just learned to identify them this year and I’ve come to like them quite a bit because they can look so different throughout their life cycle.



This appears to be the demise of something, but I don’t know what.


I passed a small flower garden on my way home and these beauties all lined up for me to get their picture taken.


Above I said “…to get their picture taken” but I could have said (but wouldn’t have) “to have their picture made”.  “Have their picture made”:  is that a now an almost archaic expression used by just older people (but not me) or is it still common based on geography?

Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with  Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

10 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden (at least it’s supposed to be)

  1. Funny on the plastic butterflies. My neighbor used to “plant” plastic geraniums and the first time I noticed them, thought they were strange to be blooming when they were. No photos, but they did make me take a closer look.

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    • I moved into this house at the end of last May. In one section of the back yard was some bare ground that I thought may have been a tiny garden at one time. Poking around in it I kept coming up with pieces if artificial flowers; bits and pieces of green plastic stems, cloth leaves that I think were supposed to be ivy leaves, and lots of pieces of plastic that were probably flower heads. I just don;t understand putting artificial flowers outside. 🙂


  2. Great set of photos, David. This post is the first time I’ve ever heard “have their picture made.” Interesting shift of diction there. I wonder if they developed concurrently and whether something specifically brought the demise of the “archaic” formulation.

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    • Thanks Mike. I come from a small town in southeast Illinois and that phrase was fairly common among the older people. Of course that was decades ago so those people are not around anymore. It might be a Midwest small town/rural thing.

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