Back to Normal

By back to normal I mean I’ll once again be posting my photos in the chronological order they where taken.  Early on in this blog I tried posting based on themes such as color, or my most recent favorites, or whatever hit my fancy that week.  I soon learned that was a disaster for me.  I couldn’t always remember which photos I had or hadn’t posted and trying to remember to put photos that had been posted in a different folder didn’t always work.  In many respects I am a person who likes order and likes things in their place.  I ‘ll admit that sometimes I do get upset when someone moves the cheese.  So, back to normal and an orderly flow.

In the post before I introduced Something Different a couple of weeks ago, I was posting photos from mid-July of this year.  Now, in my blog post chronology, it is July 19th and I am visiting Tower Grove Park in south St. Louis.  I first introduced Tower Grove Park with these the posts:  Tower Grove Park – The Ducks, Tower Grove Park – The Green Heron, and Tower Gove Park – The Rest of the Stuff.  So here are photos from my first visit to Tower Grove Park in 2015.


For me, 2015 was the year of the carpenter bee and bumble bee.  It seemed that more than any other insect they were everywhere.  For the three photos below, I’m not positive but I think all three of these might be carpenter  bees, but then again they might be bumble bees.  It’s kind of hard to see but I think their abdomens look smooth and shine vs. hairy, the primary carpenter/bumble distinction.




The park has a small nondescript lake that is not photogenic and three smaller ponds, one of which provides ample photo opportunities.  That one has an abundance of lotus plants growing at one end and giant Victoria lily pads in the center.  You know the huge ones that have an edge to them.  Not an edge like they are tough or not too sophisticated but an edge like a marble wouldn’t roll off them.  I didn’t take photos of any because unfortunately the Victoria lily pads were quite small when I was there this time, maybe just a quarter the size they were the prior year.  However, I made up for it with an over abundance of photos of various growth stages of the lotus plants and of baby ducks; the latter for a future post.


Lotus bud.


A lotus seed pod.


A couple more lotus seed pods that always remind me of old fashion shower heads.



A lotus blossom.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with Nikon D7100 and Sigma 105mm macro lens.

4 thoughts on “Back to Normal

    • Thank you Debra. I guess I’m spoiled because there are several spots in the area that have lotuses. They’re not a common yard flower though so it is a treat to see them in the summer.


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