Mid-July Walk (flowers and a lone skipper)

This is the fourth and final post from the gob of photos taken on my mid-July walk.


No idea what these are but they are very small.  If I’m remembering correctly each blossom is smaller than a dime.


This variety of daylily is one of my favorites.  They are all around and I taken many photos of them.  For this one it was the texture and the pollen grains that caught my attention more than the flower itself.


This is the lone skipper mentioned in the title.  It’s lone relative to this post; not the gardens I’ve visited this summer.  I’d love to have a dollar for every one I’ve seen.  I’m sure I could get one of those too expensive cameras or lenses I tend to dream about every now and then.


Three variations on what I call yellow daisies.




I have photographed  this type of flower many times and mentioned that I like to photograph it because it has so many distinct looks during its life cycle.  I’ve finally learned that it is a zinnia.  What I like about this particular one is that its sepals (the overlapping “petals” at the base) have an art deco look, plus I think the colors are pretty cool too.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.



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