Mid-July Walk (all bees: bumble, honey, and wanna)

I know most of you are keeping count, but in case anyone forgot to, this is part three of the gob of pictures I took on a walk in mid-July.


Bumble Bees




Note the orange rod like things in the two flowers above.  I think those are stamens and the yellow tipped things are pistils.  Doesn’t matter which is which, at least not to me be could mean a lot to the flowers.  The point is, one of my goals in life is to get a high resolution close-up photo (16MP or more) of a coneflower’s seed cone that has all the stamens, from front to back and left to right, in focus.  The four bee photos above are the closest I’ve come but they’re not quite all the way there.  Also, with cropping none are 16MP, I think the closest one is at 13.8MP.  Oh yeah, my other goal in life is world peace.  I’m doing better with the coneflower goal.


Honey Bees




Wanna Be Bee (more properly know as a hover fly)


Fair warning – there will probably be a part four in this mid-July Walk series.


Thank you for visiting.



All photos taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

4 thoughts on “Mid-July Walk (all bees: bumble, honey, and wanna)

    • Thank you Lyle, I’ll have a special post when I reach the coneflower goal. The other you can keep track of via the news but don’t expect to see my name mentioned too much.


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