Blackburn Park: The Rest of the Pictures

In follow up to last week’s post here are the rest of the pics from my trip to Blackburn Park in early July. Let’s start off with a couple of insects.

I think this is a Japanese beetle and if so … oh oh. On a trip to South Haven, Michigan a few years ago I saw Japanese beetles for the first time. There were dozens and dozens of them on a single bush with multiple bushes in a close area. The beetles were completely destroying the bushes. The beetles were clumped together in fist size masses all over a bush. They almost all seemed to be attached forming long strings of beetles or, more often, they were stacked on top of each other four and five high. The bushes looked like unwitting hosts to a giant bug orgy of fornication and gluttony.


This is a hover fly on a cone flower petal.  I kept asking him to turn around but he acted as though he couldn’t hear or understand me.  When they do that it bugs me.


I think this is rose and if it is, it’s certainly not my favorite rose variety. Before and after this stage of the bloom, the petals tend to be separated and not in alignment.  To me this makes them look kind of junky, especially as the bloom starts to fade. They hold the “cup” phase for a very short time and even then is not too photogenic unless you catch it on an angle.


I’m sure no one will be surprised when I say I don’t know the name of this flower.  My ignorance doesn’t keep me from liking the look of the bud though.  The two sepals on the right look like a long, elegant thumb and forefinger with a touch of red nail polish.


Last week I said that this week’s post would have two unique, at least to me, flowers.

I think this first flower has a lot going for it in terms of the shape/design of the bud, the coloring, and its texture which has a rubbery look to it. I have two shots of it and still can’t decide which I like better so I’m going to post both.  This photo has a regal but simplistic look to it that appeals to me.


I like this second shot because of the background.  It’s a bit darker and the out of focus red flower in the upper left acts as a muted proxy for the sun.


Everything about this photo makes it one of my favorite flower photos.  I have two very similar version of it also, but today this version edges the other out just a little.


Thank you for stopping by.


All photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 DSLR and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

7 thoughts on “Blackburn Park: The Rest of the Pictures

  1. Thank you Debra for you very nice compliments. I don’t know about perfect but the last one was unique to me, I’ve no idea what it is and I’ve never seen one before. Hopefully I run across it again next year.


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