Rare Lily

I went back to Larson Park in Late June because, of the two parks nearest me (Larson and Blackburn), Larson had the best selection of flowers. I hoped this would also mean the best selection of insects. The insects were pretty sparse, actually very sparse but I did get a few that I’ll share in my next post. This post is short and sweet and all flowers.


If anyone know what type of flowers are in the next three photos, I’d appreciate knowing. I don’t know what this flower looked like at the peak of its bloom but I really like it at this stage in its life cycle. Makes me think of a bishop chess piece.


I forget exactly how I processed this photo; looks like I may have adjusted the “local tone map” just a hair past reality. But I like the look.


I obviously went even farther with some adjustment adjustment here and entered my early van Gogh period.


This is another member of the cheering section of the gardens but showing up in a much more abstract manner.  If you missed it, the cheer section of the garden was shown in the last photo of this post.


This is a very rare lily. This particular species of lily is the only know flower in which the nectar and pollen are emulsified by enzymes in the lower portion of the petals and then held in the bowl of the petals with the stamens and carpel growing out of the sweet nourishing liquid. This concoction serves no known purpose. It smells a little bit like Lucky Charms.


Thanks for stopping by.


All photos taken with a Nikon d7100 camera and a Sigma 105mm macro lens.

6 thoughts on “Rare Lily

  1. Thank you Donna, I really appreciate the info. I didn’t know there was a brown-eyed Susan, but I am familiar with a great song called Brown Eyed Girl.


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