Quick Trip

I made a quick trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden the second week of May.  I had planned for it to be quick, but not as quick as it was.  They hadn’t planted any annuals yet so not a whole lot of photo subjects to choose from.  I don’t know if I was being too quick or just careless but I ended up deleting the vast majority of the photos I did take, mainly due to missed focus or bad exposure.

Below are the only two Iris photos I kept. I like the deep, rich colors of the flowers. I don’t think most people know this but the flowers were named by no other than Carl Linnaeus.

A famous botanist, Linnaeus is often referred to as the father of modern taxonomy due to the outline he provided for a hierarchical classification, or taxonomy, of plants and animals. While Irises weren’t discovered by him, during a 1752 field trip, Linnaeus did a detailed study of the flower and named it irideae iris in honor of his great aunt Iris Whittingham.

His drawings of the flower and the full classification for the name were included in his original manuscript which detailed his new method of taxonomy.



It seems that about every third visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden I try to take a landscape photo in the Japanese garden and I always include the lake. Some time ago I realized that I was not good at landscape photography but I keep trying. It’ not that I want to be good at landscape photography or even that I like, it’s more that I don’t want to be bad at it. I keep taking landscape pictures hoping one day the gods will smile down on me and I’ll snap a really good one. Maybe I’ll be like that monkey they are always talking about that sits at a typewriter randomly hitting keys and eventually he spits out the complete works of Shakespeare. Monkey at Typewriter


I took several photos at the garden involving these flowers and, like the irises, just kept two. I love the impressionistic background in this photo.


Of the two photos the one above is (was?) my favorite, but by the end of the week the one below may become my favorite as I view it more.  I call this photo Follow Me.


Hopefully those who have read the first part of this post have made it down to here because I need to advise you not to repeat the story of how the iris got its name.  Sometimes it is just better that what you read on this blog stays on this blog.

Thank you for stopping by.


All photos taken with Nikon D7100 and Sigma 105mm macro lens.

11 thoughts on “Quick Trip

  1. Beautiful images – especially the Japanese landscape. I’m currently experimenting with my camera settings to get the same painterly background effect as in your last two pics. I love your sense of humour … But I’m glad you explain yourself otherwise I’ll believe it all!


    • Thank you Eileen, I appreciate your nice compliments. Just a quick tip for the out of focus background (bokeh). The longer the focal length of your lens, the larger your lens aperture (e.g. f/2.8 not f/8), and the farther away your background is from the subject in focus, the more out of focus your background will be. Of these three, the large aperture is probably the most important.


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