I think the next 3 photos are the last ones taken at my old house. The subject is an eastern tent caterpillar. Some years I barely noticed them and other years they seemed to be everywhere. They build extremely unsightly silk tents in the forks of small branches in trees. One year one particular tree was pretty much covered on one side with the tents.  It looked terrible as if the tree was going to be destroyed, but I didn’t see any damage.  Evidently that is pretty common, heavy infestation with little or no long term damage.

As far as caterpillars go I think this species if fairly attractive so I was surprised when I went to the Google machine to see what the adult looked like. Turns out it is a small, relatively nondescript, tan/brown moth with two white lines across the back of its wings. Based on the caterpillar I was expecting something more.



In the first two photos the caterpillar had strayed pretty far from its tent as it wandered around on a brick patio.  In this photo the caterpillar is executing what entomologist call a U turn.


Here the caterpillar is executing the maneuver know as the bullet train.


Here the eastern tent caterpillar is much closer to his or her home tent. It’s not the best insect photo I have ever done, but I guess I could have done worse for a last photo at what was my tent for the past 28 years.



The next two photos are some of the first taken at my new house. I trimmed a bunch of branches on a cedar tree in the back yard and when I went out the next morning I found this.


I remember I almost didn’t take these photos because I didn’t want to go into the house and have to hunt around for my macro lens.   “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”.  — Tomas Edison


Thanks for stopping by.


All photos taken with Nikon D7100 and Sigma 105mm macro lens.

14 thoughts on “Last/First

    • This was probably one of the most fun macros I’ve done, especially when processing and blowing up to see my reflection. Unfortunately the reflection is not that clear.


      • I kind of think it doesn’t have to be clear though. Just that hint of a figure caught in the liquid amber is amazing. I really really like that photo.


        • Thank you very much Debra. As you know, it is always nice when someone finds a photo of yours that they really like – and tells you.


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