Spring Flowers Before May Showers

There has been a constant off and on rain here for the past 5 days and both May and June have been a lot rainier than last year.  Makes it hard to go out on photo walks.  I do realize I am fortunate in that I’ve just been inconvenienced by the rain while many others in parts of the U. S. have been devasted by it with loss of life and property.  I heard on TV or the radio that all the rain that fell on Texas during the month of May was enough to cover the whole state in 8 inches of water.  Amazing.

On a happier note, here are some spring flowers I photographed in late April.  As usual if I know the flower/plant name I use it, otherwise … I don’t.


Let’s start off with a blue flower.  I like the pop of orange.  Not to be confused with orange pop in some parts of the country.


This is a yellow sun with a large white corona.  The sun is being orbited by purple planets and a very rare binary green planet system.  These twin planets rotate on their axes so fast that the camera can barely catch a blur.  It’s as if Mother Nature created an organic model of a solar system for a science fair project.


No more silliness.  I know this flower is a peony and I’m pretty sure the insect is a hoverfly.


One of the very nice things about the 24 megapixel sensor in the Nikon D7100 and a good lens like the Sigma 105mm macro is that you can crop the heck out of a photo and still have nice sharp images with plenty of acuity.


This is a rose and a rosebud.


This is a rosebud and a rose.

Because of the angle on the two photos above I couldn’t get both elements in focus so you will have to choose the one you like best.  I apologize for saddling you with that responsibility but I don’t see that I have any other choice.  So what’s it going to be:  youth or maturity?


This is a glowing azalea; scientifically known as Rhododendron glowum.


All photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Sigma 105mm macro.

Thank you for stopping by.



9 thoughts on “Spring Flowers Before May Showers

    • Thanks Mike, I’m kind of partial to the second one also. To be honest I was concentrating on the bloom and was pleasantly surprised when I saw all the accompaniment on the computer screen. Thanks for verifying my hover fly identification. I think that’s one of the insects I learned from your blog. Since you spelled it as two words here I looked it up because I thought I saw it as one word when I looked it up for this post. In Google it came up both ways but it seemed the one word version was most predominant.

      Sensing that you don’t take an arbitrary approach with regard to insects I kept digging. Turns out (as I’m sure you already know) that two words, such as hover fly, are used when the insect is actually a fly and one word is used when not a true fly such as in butterfly and dragonfly. Thanks again for the comments and I hope things are going good with you.


      • Things are not too bad, just getting over a nasty little summer cold.

        And that’s exactly why I spaced it out. I notice some people (of whom I’d think know better) don’t, but that’s the internet for you. I find it a handy little device to keep my bugs a little more ordered in my head.

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