It’s Weird and I’m Stumped

If you’ve read many of my posts from last summer you know that two of my most frequent spots for macro photography are Blackburn Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Another park in my community that I visited last fall was Larson Park.  (I’m hoping this will become a regular spot even though it’s not in my walking distance.)  The variety of flowers last fall was limited and I made a mental note to myself to get there earlier the next year to see if there might be more opportunity for different subjects.

It’s now next year and there is more variety but I think I was about a week too early to catch everything in bloom.  I did get a few flowers in bloom and some interesting buds.  I’m saving those for later posts because right now I want to share something that is weird (at least to me) and has me stumped.

As I was walking past some large overgrown bushes I noticed a leaf sticking out that had something weird on it.  Almost as if someone had hot glued a peanut to it.  Below is a photo of the leafwith its attached peanut.


Below are three more photos showing leaves with multiple peanuts.  They look like they are growing up out of the leaves.  It also appears these three leaves have some sort of white mold or fungus growing on them, especially the last one.




Below is a photo of one of the bushes showing that most of the leaves have peanuts growing out of them.


I tied several internet searches but could not come up with anything similar to this so if anyone has any idea of what this is I would sure like to know about it.


Thanks for stopping by an I hope someone can explain this weird stuff and unstump me.


All photos were taken with a D7100 and Sigma 105mm macro lens.


3 thoughts on “It’s Weird and I’m Stumped

    • Thank you Steveo it looks like you hit the nail on the head with your diagnosis. I did a google search like you suggested and there is quite a variety among them. Some are quite attractive in their own way. Again, thank you for unstumping me.

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